Caverna High School Opens Up 24-Hour Security Office For Law Enforcement

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Schools across the nation are trying to improve the safety of their students.

One area school has added permanent office space to help with their school's security.

"This is the only school I think in the Commonwealth where law enforcement has 24-hour access to the building. A lot of schools have school resource officers, but they are generally there just during school times," says Kentucky State Police Public Affairs Officer Trooper Jonathan Biven.

"Every state group is going through budget cuts, and with sequestration from the Federal government, and it's going to get worse. So, we're trying to come up with creative ways to do things," says Caverna High School's Principal Brad Phipps.

Principal Phipps says with the growing concern for school safety, he need for law enforcement in their building was essential.

"Small districts, small schools, it's hard to put out a large amount of money for a school resource officer. This is the way for us to get the benefits of a resource officer without having to pay for a lot of services," he says.

Principal Phipps says the purpose of the office is for officers to do paperwork, keep the school safe, and build relationships.

"Try to get more of a police presence. It gives us a sense of security, helps the kids feel a little bit safer. The big thing that I see is building a relationship with troopers and law enforcement in general," he says.

Kentucky State Police and local law enforcement agencies hope their presence will stop a crime before it starts.

"With local law enforcement in the building, I think it's going to be a good crime deterrent as well," says Trooper Jonathan Biven, "As far as school shootings go, you never know when they are going to happen."

KSP says they would like to have an office like this, in all the schools they cover.

Principal Phipps says the security office is a comparable alternative to a school resource officer.

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