Chad Watson Tells His Story

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MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- Chad Watson stood in front of hundreds of people to tell his story -- a tragic one -- about the fire that killed his wife and eight of his children, leaving him and his 11-year-old daughter Kylie to cope with the loss.

Courtesy: Calvary Baptist Church

"Just for Chad to be able to stand up there and talk to everybody, it was inspiring," said Makayla Duncan, there to support the family.

Songs, prayers and Bible passages all about keeping faith during tragic times.

It's what Chad Watson wanted his message to be about.

"I cannot begin to describe the hole that exists. I can't. All I can tell you is there's only Jesus to fill it," said Chad Watson.

He says his children were gifts from god, so when smoke and flames filled his home that night...

"I felt it all taken away in a moment, ripped out my hands. As Kylie and I waited for an ambulance to come, chasing each other in circles because of the throbbing pain in our hands, hoping that it would just subside because everytime we would stop it would throb harder, all I could think of is, it's being taken away."

He remembered the pain.

"Running around in that neighbor's living room, chasing my daughter, as we saw as we saw the flesh dripping off our hands."

That pain went much deeper than his skin.

"When I woke up in the hospital, I knew it was bad. I knew what had happened. I remembered everything," he said. "There's no drugs that can wash this away. There's no alcohol that could make me forget about what happened."

Despite that, he's coping, staying "Watson Strong" through his faith.

"No matter what we think He (God) should have done, no matter what we think He could have done, no matter what we think of His plan, He is the only one that has any true comfort to offer."

He hopes telling his story will be an encouragement to others.

"If I can learn to reach for Christ in my pain, and just hold on and wait and stay calm and never stop believing, then dear friend, I know you can too," Chad said.

"It really encouraged me and will go with me the rest of my life when I go through a valley, I'll know that there's somebody who's been through a deeper valley than me," Gloria Stamps, who was at the service.

Chad requested that media not shoot video of Chad speaking.

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