Chamber of Commerce Addresses Tax Reform and What it Means for Local Businesses

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We need to bring businesses to Kentucky and keep them here. That's what the state Chamber of Commerce told our local chamber today.

"That we need to be able to compete to create jobs here in the state, and to attract jobs from other states, and our tax code plays an important role in that," said Kentucky Chamber of Commerce VP of Public Affairs Bryan Sunderland.

Each state deals with their taxes in a different way, and Kentucky wants to make sure they compete with nearby states in a way that will help business stay in the bluegrass.

Competitors for this November's State Representatives race talk about the issue of the balancing act of tax reform.

"Any tax situation might help some people and hurt some others, so we will have to make sure that fairness is the main issue," said State Rep. Jody Richards.

State Representative Richards says he believes his bill that would standardize the tax filing system, will save businesses money, while his opponent has other recommendations.

"I think we really need to look at educating the workforce, and giving incentives to companies to help give better training programs to their employees," said 20th District State Rep candidate Regina Webb.

No one knows how to better achieve these goals than a successful homegrown business owner, despite the opportunity to move to larger cities.

"In Nashville, California or New York, you need to make alot more money just to be able to afford to live in those communities," said Hitcents Co-Founder Ed Mills.

Mills says that rather than looking for a place that fits a business's need, businesses can find ways to re-define the community to meet their needs.

"Have that progressive thinking to say let's keep a technology company here, and maybe we can be known for technology," said Mills

It's how to support that method of thinking that the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce wants businesses and residents to recommend.

You can share your thoughts and recommendations with Governor Beshear's Blue Ribbon Commission on tax reform on their website at

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