Charter Schools in Kentucky

It's a type of school many states in the nation already have, charter schools, but not in Kentucky.

Today, a state representative filed legislation for there to be charter schools in Kentucky.

Because charter schools will be funded by the state, local educators worry it will take away money from public schools.

"In school districts now, our resources are so scarce pulling dollars away to fund charter schools is only going to make our jobs more difficult," said Simpson County Superintendent Jim Flynn.

Charter schools receive public funding, but don't have to answer to state requirements in the same way.

Superintendent Jim Flynn said different counties across the state have different needs, and it should be a local discussion.

"If a local community says, we want to innovate and have some flexibility from some existing statutes or existing regulations through house bill 37, there's already a mechanism to do that. I think we need to see if that works first," said Flynn.

The issue is gaining support, and the new Senate Education Chairman is in favor of it.

"We see repeatedly in areas where they've utilized charter schools, particularly in places where there are low performing schools or failing schools, they've used them and been very successful with them," said Sen. Mike Wilson (R) Bowling Green.

"Only one in five charter schools outperform a public school, so conversely, four out of five public schools are outperforming charter schools. I just think we need to look at that closely," said Flynn.

This bill comes in a short session in which lawmakers say they have a lot to tackle already including the biggest issue, pension reform.

Senator Wilson says there is someone in the senate looking at pursuing legislation as well.

So, if it doesn't gain support in the house it could in the Senate.

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