Chevrolet Will Oversee the Restoration of All Eight Corvettes That Were Swallowed by Sinkhole

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The new GM Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant manager says Chevrolet will oversee the restoration of all eight Corvettes that were swallowed up in a sinkhole inside the Skydome on Wednesday.

"Nobody really has a better understanding of their significance and what it takes to properly restore these, than the engineers and the designers at Chevrolet where they were developed," said the new General Motors Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant Manager Jeff Lamarche.

Scott Murphy and Daniel will aid in removing those cars and then they're off to Warren, Michigan for restoration at GM's Design Center.
As for the building, efforts to stabilize it are already underway.

WKU geology experts have said excess rain can help cause sinkholes, and the CEO of Scott Murphy Daniel believes something has been happening here since the museum was built more than 20 years ago, that may have created the perfect environment for that to happen.

"The unusual roof system on this structure and the water draining off of it, and then draining along the edge of the building, we feel like possibly that water has infiltrated 30-40 ft. down in the ground and found a crevice," said Scott Murphy Daniel CEO Mike Murphy.

Murphy believes the solution to preventing another sinkhole here is changing that drainage system, aAnd that's something Lamarche says he's willing to help with too.

"It's the only automotive museum in the world dedicated to not just a brand, but a single model. It's supported solely by charitable donations by enthusiasts like many of us, and that's why I'm committing myself to making a personal donation to supporting this cause of restoring the museum, and I encourage others to consider doing so as well," said Lamarche.

The cost of those repairs has not been determined, but those interested in joining Lamarche in the cause, can now make donations on the museum's website.

See the related link to make donations.

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