Child Abuse Prevention Month

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. - Bowling Green will sign a proclamation in support of child abuse prevention today at Fountain Square Park at 3:30.

Child abuse takes many forms and sometimes goes unnoticed, but one Warren Circuit Court Family Court Judge says she sees cases involving abuse more often than you'd think.

"Being that they are confidential, I think the general public probably doesn't realize it as much as they would if it were public.," said Warren Circuit Family Court Judge Catherine Rice Holderfield.

They're so common one organization's sole purpose is representing these children in court for free.

"We recruit and train volunteers who provide who provide abused and neglected children through the court system," said CASA Director Will Constable.

Anyone can volunteer and that's not the only way a person can help stop child abuse in Kentucky.

"We are a mandated state. everyone is supposed to report child abuse and neglect if they have reasonable cause to believe a child is being hurt," said Family Enrichment Center Director Nickie Jones.

"If you see a parent and a child hurting at any time, you need to make that phone call... or you need to somehow step in and say, is there anything I can do for you today," said Catherine Warren, Family Enrichment Center Board of Directors.

Jones says that help can be a simple gesture like distracting an angry parent who's struggling to calm a child at the store.

"You simply say, he is so cute, where'd he get those brown eyes? It's the simple things like that, that take the stress out of the moment and away from the parent, and focuses it in a positive way on that child," said Jones.

Abuse has many causes, and most can be solved with education and support.

"Sometimes it's because they have been abused, and more times than not it's because they are repeating the cycle of that," said Warren

That's a cycle Warren says must be broken and it takes everyone.

Anyone who believes they have witnessed or know anything about a potential case of child abuse should contact police immediately. For more on how you help prevent abuse, see the links below.

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