Christian County Copes With Loss Of Two Students After Fatal Accident

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HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- A joyous occasion quickly turned into a somber one Friday night as four Christian County teens returned from the Boys Sweet Sixteen. Officials say the pickup they were in veered to the right should of the Bluegrass Parkway near mile marker 52 where it collided with a semi pulled over on the shoulder.

The Anderson County Coroner pronounced Dequavias Weaver dead at the scene. He had just turned 17-years-old the day before. Officials said 17-year-old Jacob Blankenship was in the front passenger seat of the truck and had to be air lifted to UK hospital where he later died.

"Any child lost is pitiful. It's horrible. When you know them and have met them, the kind of character they have and what kind of personality they have, and they're a really fine upstanding child, it makes it worse," said Donna Hayes, who knew a family member of one of the deceased teens.

16-year-olds Dendreck Holmes and Josh Harbold were injured in the accident. Holmes has been released from the hospital, and UK Hospital officials said Harbold is listed in fair condition.

Members of the community said the news has spread quickly and has them feeling shaken for the victims' families and their classmates.

"Christian County High School has worked really well with the school psychologists, the counselors, social workers, and others, in terms of providing support to students and staff members as we get through this difficult time," said Christian County School Communication Director, Heather Lancaster.

People in the area said tragedies like this one stick with the community forever because of the tight bond the small town shares.

"Somewhere in a community this size you're not going to get away with not knowing somebody. That really brings it home to you, it really does," added an emotional Hayes.

Investigators said the cause of the accident still isn't clear.

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