Christians Discuss Meaning of Easter

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Many children woke up Sunday morning to Easter baskets left behind by the Easter Bunny, but pastors in the area say they want people to remember the deeper meaning of Easter.

"More than the Easter bunny. It's more than the candy. It's more than the Easter egg hunts -- although that stuff is glorious and you enjoy that time with your family," said Jessica Shell, who attended an Easter service at Crossland Community Church.

Christians gathered at churches everywhere today to remember the biblical meaning of Easter.

"There was a man who was born who lived the perfect life and died a painful death. He never sinned. His name was Jesus Christ," said Gregg Farrell, the senior pastor at Crossland.

The story doesn't stop there, which is why church-goers celebrated through worship today.

"Hope is a real commodity that can change your life. The undeniable fact that Christ raised himself from the dead -- that he predicted it, promised it and performed it. Then you can take everything else he said to heart," Farrell said.

That hope is what many Christians say gets them through hard times they face in life.

"He's done so much for me in my struggles and obstacles I've faced in life. Just to know that whatever sin I've done in the past, that he's sacrificed it all and on this day he rose again, and he's alive within us," Shell said.

The pastor also told the crowd that he believes there's life beyond this earth because of what the Bible says Christ did.

"So today we spoke a lot about Heaven and that our ultimate hope awaits us outside this world."

Farrell says almost 3,000 people total attended the three services.

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