Christmas Day Fire Claims Home of Four Brothers and Sisters

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Christmas day turned tragic for a local family of four brothers and sisters when their house caught fire.

One family member who says his brothers and sisters have lost everything they own but things are beginning to look up.

"Get here quick as I could to make sure no one was burnt up in it,"says Richard Watt, family member.

Richard Watt explains the moment he got the terrifying phone call saying his family's house was on fire.

"Either in the heater of the wall the house caught fire. My brother tried to put it out and got burnt seriously,"says Richard.

"He said I just can't get my hand to stop burning. Mr. Watt being hard headed said I can't my house is burning I got to save it,"says Mary Jo Cote, Volunteer Firefighter with Smiths Grove Fire Department.

Albert watt would be unable to save their house, and with no insurance they would lose everything but each other.

"He looked at me and said everything I have and I don't have much is gone,"says Cote.

"No insurance on the house so from there we try to take it up instead of down,"says Richard.

The Watts have now moved into their cousins rental property, but the house still needs a lot of work.

"The house they have is old its very old and they're thinking no one has lived there for about 10 to 15 years,"says Cote.

With the help of the community Mary Jo has made it her mission to give back.

"I've got plenty of time and effort and if this is all I do while I'm on vacation than I'm doing it,"says Cote.

"God bless them,"says Richard.

"People need to hear the good things and have faith in humanity,"says Kenneth Marr, of the Smiths Grove Fire Department.

The Watt family says the donations have been a blessing.

"All we can hope for is that they get a home....that's all I hope for,"says Richard."

If you would like to donate items to the Watt family you can call Mary Jo Cote at 2-70-9-4-3-1-3-0-2.

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