Church Members Mourn Loss of Watson Family Members

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MUHLENBERG CO., Ky. (WBKO) -- It's been three days since the house fire in Muhlenberg County took nine lives away from the Watson family.

The father, Chad, and daughter, Kylie, remain in the hospital.

Those at the Calvary Baptist Church service in Central City on Sunday morning noticed empty seats where the family sat just last week.

Tears fell, hugs were a comfort and children were held extra tight as reality hit hard for many who knew the Watsons.

"Cry a lot. I cry a lot and I wonder what would happen if it were mine," said Shirley Dwyer, a family member.

Others are still in shock.

"When I see the caskets, that's when it will hit me. It'll hit me hard. But as long as I don't see a casket, to me, they're home with sick kids, taking care of the kids. That's the way I see it," said another family member, Michael Dwyer.

Everyone knows the empty pew where Larae and eight of her children sat will never be filled the same way again.

"They all had their own unique personalities and they all brought different things to the congregation. We will always cherish those smiles, those moments that we got to hug -- just such a treasure that they were to us," said Pastor Timothy Burden.

While Chad and Kylie are in a hospital continuing to recover, at their church this morning were prayers for strength.

"We want to pray for him and Kylie, that God will give them strength," Burden said.

He also reminded the congregation to stand strong together for Chad and Kylie as the mourning is just beginning,

"Time heals everything," Shirley said, hoping for some peace on the road ahead.

Until then, the community is reaching out to help in many ways.

Jagoe Homes is on board to build a new house for Chad and Kylie.

"Get them out of the hospital. Find out what they want to do, what they would like, where they want to build it and from there we'll be able to get a materials list and find out exactly how we can get the rest of the community involved in helping out on that," said Scott Jagoe, co-owner of Jagoe Homes.

The funeral for the nine members of the Watson family who died in the fire is set for Saturday, February 8th.

It will be at Muhlenberg County High School West Campus.

The time has not yet been determined.

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