City Comission To Look At Security Changes For City Hall

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - A makeover may be coming to city hall when it comes to security. The building opened in 1907, but the city commission says it's time to upgrade to modern day safety measures.

"Unfortunately there is probably not a lot of what you would call security features in place. We do have some locks on some doors and things of that nature, but this is going to take all that to a whole new level," says Commissioner Rick Williams.

The city commission will discuss the possibility of installing ballistic glass and doors at city hall and the city annex. The original plan was brought to the table years ago by Commissioner Joe Denning.

Original bids for the project valued more than $100,000, but the commission says they have lowered that price. No matter what the cost, Rick Williams says it will be money well spent.

"How can you put a value on a life of someone who is simply doing their job? You wouldn't want any kind of tragedy to occur that you could have prevented," says Williams.

Area residents have been pleased with city hall and the city annex because of convenience. Security changes may be coming, but the ease of use will stay the same.

"It's pretty much going to be business as usual. I don't think that the public is going to see any difference. It's not even going to limit their access in being able to see the people and interact with the people," says Williams.

The city commission says they would rather take a proactive approach before a real security threat strikes.

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