City Commission Approves Funding for NCM Motorsports Park

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The National Corvette Museum's motorsports park continues to take shape as the city approves a special fund to help pay for the project.

The Bowling Green Area Convention and Visitors Bureau has faith in the motorsports park, enough faith to donate $400,000 to help build one of its tracks.

"We want infrastructure funds available for non-profit tourism-related projects and they have to be projected to increase hotel overnight stays," said Bowling Green Area Convention and Vistors Bureau Executive Director Vicki Fitch.

Fitch says the project is projected to bring in 31,000 more overnight stays at hotels. One project manager says it will be well worth the investment, bringing in Corvette and high performance vehicle enthusiasts from all over the country.

"There's nothing like this in the area, especially now that Nashville Super Speedway closed up, there is no road course really closer than about 4,5,6 hours away," said National Corvette Museum Event Manager Roc Linkov.

Linkov says it will also complete the experience for those who purchase Corvettes, and take part in the GM Bowling Green Corvette Assembly plant's new performance build center, where they can customize their engines.

"People could have a huge experience here with private tours, build your own motor... pick up your car, and learn how to drive it," said Linkov.

$3 million dollars of the project's price tag is land already owned by the museum.

"We'll be building structures rather than taking things out. Mostly it's clearing," said Linkov.

One side of the park is adjacent to I65, and the other side homes. Linkov says sound control is part of the design plan. The track was built to ensure the exhaust noise pointed away from residences.

"It's away from houses. They come around and by the time they make the bend and you'd hear loud exhaust... and these are street cars... when they come around here, they're not really aiming toward houses. We're just going with restrictions on ourselves. We feel it's just the right thing to do," said Linkov.

Linkov says the project was already designed to meet standards for the city's binding elements.
He says once the city planning commission approves the final plan on June 1, he expects to break ground on the first phase of the project, which includes the two mile West Course by June 28.

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