BG City Commission Annexes Property

It was all about property at the Bowling Green City Commission meeting on Tuesday night.

The city approved on the second reading an annexation of about 10 acres near the Smallhouse and Cave Mill road intersection on Tuesday night.

"Anytime that we have a landowner that approaches us wanting to annex their property, in most cases we're going to do that a majority of the time. It is certainly to our advantage to annex that property," said Bowling Green City Commissioner Joe Denning.

City officials say this now limits confusion by bringing it into the city limits.

"It's difficult to respond in some cases to an emergency situation when you don't know if one side of the road is in the city, the other side is in the county. So, i just think it was important to bring it into the city," said Bowling Green Mayor Bruce Wilkerson.

The city also gave away some roadway responsibility to WKU.

The university approached the city about this.

From Regents all the way to College Heights Boulevard will now be maintained by the university.

"It has essentially become a pedestrian walkway for the most part with students, if you've ever been through that area, especially in the daytime, students are everywhere," said Wilkerson.

"I think the university is looking out for the safety of the students, and others that are utilizing their sidewalks and crossing that street. I understand that and have no problem with it," said Denning.

In the agreement, the city is asking the road remain open to the public and not closed off just for pedestrians.

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