City Commission Set to Discuss Rezoning Issue

"I've not talked to one person who lives in the area, who is in support of the rezoning," said Bowling Green City Commissioner Brian 'Slim' Nash.

That's what Nash is hearing from those in the area near 603 Old Morgantown Road.

The area which is now an empty home was approved by Planning and Zoning earlier in the year to become a business, but Nash says residents in the area don't want it coming into their neighborhood.

"They are trying their very best. Over a very long period of time they've hung in there to try to maintain the residential character of that particular block, block and a half, two blocks of that area," said Nash.

It is not clear what business would take over the lot, but the Planning and Zoning Commission was not available for comment today.

And the attorney for those who filed for the zoning permit did not return our calls.

Nash said this decision actually goes against the current guideline Planning and Zoning uses the Future Land Use Map.

"It would not fit with the future land use map as it exists today, that is that this particular segment of Old Morgantown road was to remain some mixed use, but primarily residential," said Nash.

Nash said this map officially began being used in September, and while this rezoning was approved after that time it was filed before then.

"Zoning issues tend to make people passionate. Mostly, because you're talking about where they live, and there are few things that probably bring out as much passion as their families and their homes," said Nash.

Tuesday will be the first reading of this issue.

City officials say they have to essentially find something wrong with Planning and Zoning's decision to not ratify it, which opens up the possibility to them having their own hearing on the matter.

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