City Looks at Possible Changes to Alcohol Laws

Changes in state law prompted a discussion at the city of Bowling Green's work session Tuesday afternoon.

The city of Bowling Green is going to look at changing multiple alcohol laws that includes potential alcohol sales on election day.

"This is now your option. If you want to allow your packaged stores and restaurants to serve during election hours that's up to you. If you don't want it, pass an ordinance to prohibit it. If you don't do anything, then we'll assume it's ok, so those places can stay open," said Bowling Green City Attorney Eugene Harmon.

Some other local laws that could be changed are Sunday alcohol sales, but one local liquor store said they don't really want anything to change.

"This is our livelihood. This is the way we make our living, this is the way our employees make their living. We need to be very concerned about it. The way things are working now, we've been doing it for 30 years, it works very well. I'm sure there are hiccups somewhere up and down the road, but it works so let's not break it," said Lloyd Ferguson, Vette City Liquors.

Another local ordinance includes a 90/10 rule that requires liquor stores to have 90 percent of their sales from alcohol. A law that liquor barn wouldn't mind seeing changed to 80/20.

"We would expand into more gourmet snacks and things like that. We don't do a grocery store, but we do things that you snack with and you party with. We would probably expand on our college beer, Western Kentucky, UK and UofL. We just don't have as much here, because we want to comply with the local rule," said Roger Lee Leasor, Liquor Barn.

Tuesday was just a work session and no action was taken, but the discussion has certainly begun.

City officials say they will likely discuss options in-depth at their upcoming fall retreat and it appears for now, no action will be taken until sometime in September.

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