City Passes First Reading of Towing Ordinance

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- It was a unanimous vote last night to push through a new towing ordinance.

Bowling Green city officials said they had gotten several complaints about people being towed and thought it was time to change things.

"Some were in parking lots, but some were in what most people consider to be public places, on the street, partially on the street and so forth. Private towing companies aren't permitted to tow from those locations only from privately owned parking lots," said Bowling Green Mayor Bruce Wilkerson.

Randy Huff with Southside Towing has been a part of the city's process attending meetings and discussions about private towing.

"I understand that there needs to be something to protect the citizens of Bowling Green. There is a lot of rogue people doing things. So, a uniform ordinance, I think is what's best for the citizens. I was glad I was able to go to the work session and be a part of that," said Randy Huff, Southside Towing.

The new ordinance passed on the first reading last night includes a maximum $125 fee to be towed.

It also requires clear signs in the front of parking lots, and to be in the towing business you'll have to apply for another license with the city.

"We tried to come up with what seems to work with us as far as being a midpoint, adequate signage, maximum amount on the towing fee and being able to contact that tow operator right away," said Wilkerson.

While Huff was glad to be involved, he said this will affect his business.

"We're the largest private tower here in Bowling Green. We do over 3,000 properties. The other couple of companies that do it probably do 12 or 20 properties. So this directly affects me more than anyone else," said Huff.

This will go into effect if passed on the second reading, that reading will likely come up at the Commission's next meeting later this month.

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