City Expands Text Messaging Service

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Bowling Green is expanding its text messaging services as a way to better inform the community of events and emergencies.

The city began using a texting service in November with golfers who subscribed for updates on special deals and golf course availability.

They say that was just the beginning of what they hoped would lead to more texting services.

"We wanted to roll out the "join golf" first and see what kind of reaction we got, and we had a really good response. We had people giving us feedback. So we thought if it worked so well for golf, we wanted to be able to reach people in other areas," said Bowling Green Public Information Officer Kim Lancaster.

Three new services are now available. You can text "join info" for info on events, road closings, and emergencies.

Text "join bgcan" for information on organizations in the community, and Spanish speaking users can text "join amigos" for updates in Spanish. You can text those messages to 2-7-0... 6-8-1... 38-28 to subscribe.

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