Cold Temperature Preparations In South Central Kentucky

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The threat of wintry conditions and sub-zero temperatures had people in south central Kentucky preparing more thoroughly than usual. Drivers were addressing the well being of their vehicle for the possible two to four inches of snow by rushing to service shops and getting tune-ups. Mechanics said preparation doesn't end before the storm; making sure you take car of your car the morning of, is just as important.

"As a car sits overnight the oil drops to the bottom of the engine in the oil pan. When you start the car it has to pump that oil up into the top part of the engine. When oil is cold it doesn't pump as well. It takes long for that oil to get to the top of the engine. If you just hop in it and go, it causes excessive wear on the upper parts of the engine." said Tech Tune Auto Service Center Owner, Jerry Chafton.

Making sure your car is in good shape isn't just for going to the grocery or to work. Many homeless people in the area are expected to spend the next few nights inside their cars. That's a luxury compared to some who will be spending the next few very cold nights outside.

"There are several who have to stay outside or they chose to stay outside because that's where their stuff is. We definitely try to equip people with the resources that we have: blankets, socks, extra hand warmers, tents, sleeping bags. Different community organizations are trying to help as much as we can." commented Hotel Inc. Homeless & Housing Coordinator, Brooke Schreiner

Pets will also be dealing with the cold weather. Veterinarians said along with limiting how long your dog or cat is outside, you may also want to monitor the way they're groomed during this time of harsh temperatures.

"I would keep their hair longer or skip over the grooming visit completely. They need that body hair for warmth or added insulation." said Dr. Adrienne Price of Greystone Pet Hospital.

The first chance for accumulating snow is Sunday, meaning there's still a few more days for those who haven't, to prepare.

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