Commanders: Budget Cuts Could Erode Nuke Arsenal

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WASHINGTON (AP) -- Two top military officers, one slated to take command of America's nuclear arsenal and the other to command troops in South Korea, say they are worried that impending budget cuts could hamper their national security efforts.

Army Lt. Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti told senators Tuesday that reducing the number of aircraft carriers in the Pacific could undercut U.S. efforts to deter North Korea from taking hostile actions and increase the possibility of miscalculation in the tense region.

And Navy Adm. Cecil Haney says the U.S. must continue plans to upgrade the nation's primary nuclear bomb and replace the aging fleet of nuclear-capable submarines to counter threats from other nations and non-state actors.

Scaparrotti is nominated to command U.S. forces in South Korea. Haney is nominated to lead U.S. Strategic Command.

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