Commission Looks at New Area Code for Bowling Green

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The territory that is now 270 area code could be changing in the future to 364, the reason, more phones.

"The area code is going to run out of numbers by 2014, and that's largely because population is growing, and principally because people are getting wireless devices," said Andrew Melnykovych, Public Service Commission.

The Kentucky Public Service Commission is traveling all over the state trying to gain input about the topic, and tonight they stopped in Bowling Green.

With the area code change imminent, they have developed two options an overlay option or a split option.

"The overlay essentially stacks a new area code on top of the existing area code, and a split basically what you do is draw a line down the area code, and half of it gets to keep the old number, and half of gets the new number," said Melnykovych.

But both of these have some disadvantages.

For example in an overlay, since there would be old 270 numbers and new 364 numbers, you would have to dial all ten digits even in the territory.

In the split option, businesses would have to change several items to notify customers and clients.

However, tonight, the attendance was low and Melnykovych said it's been that way across the state.

"I don't think it's as a big a deal as it used to be, because so many people have wireless phones now. You are used to dialing ten digits, because the wireless phones do that by default anyway," said Melnykovych.

Despite poor turnout, Melnykovych said people are leaning toward the overlay option.

The commission said it will make a decision on which option to use by the end of the year or early 2013.

There is no set date on when the first 364 numbers will be handed out yet, but available 270 numbers are set to run out early in 2014.

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