Community Continues to Boycott Glasgow Gasoline

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GLASGOW, Ky (WBKO) -- Discussions about gas prices are on the rise, as the amount spent at the pump continues to increase.

The community of Glasgow chooses to boycott purchasing Glasgow gasoline, as they rallied together for the group's second meeting.

The group has made it clear, their objective is not to hurt Glasgow businesses, but as consumers, they will simply buy gas wherever it is cheaper.

A majority of the group drives to Bowling Green for gasoline, as the prices are lower.

After first forming on “Facebook”, the group has obtained nearly 2,000 signatures to boycott Glasgow gasoline.

The group continues to ask the political leaders of Glasgow and Barren County to stand behind them during this economic struggle.

"You know, this is a democracy at work. This is a group of citizens coming together about an issue and forming a group to make a statement. That is what this is all about. I support it whole heatedly. That is what our country was founded on," said Carl Dickerson, Barren County's Third District Magistrate.

Mayor Trautman, a representative from Congressman Brett Guthrie's office, and local magistrates were in attendance for today's meeting.

The group urges the local politicians to stand behind them and invites them to rally together for next week's meeting.

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