Community Members Say Butler County Suicide was Cyberbullying

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A Butler County teen is dead after taking her own life yesterday.

Family friends told us seventeen-year-old Jaclyn Daugherty was not the type of person to take her own life.

Her family did not want to go on camera, but we were able to speak with one family member that told us she was a cheerleader and had a lot of friends.

We spoke to one woman who is a friend of Jaclyn's grandfather that told me cyber-bullying is to blame.

And Jaclyn's death isn't the first case where a teen has lost their life from bullying.

"She didn't know who to turn to i guess and i know that she was being cyberbullied. There were a lot of mean horrible things being said about her. And she was a sweet loving girl. She didn't deserve any of it," family friend, Sherry Kirby of Morgantown told us.

Another student, fourteen-year-old, Zakry Adkins lost his life after playing the choking game.

His mom told us, Zakry was found with a belt around his neck and was also a victim to cyber bullying

"We had that with Zack. On topix they said some of the nastiest things, "How's it hanging zack?", and that's how i found him."

A Facebook page has been set-up to help end bullying in Morgantown.

"Time To Stop Bullying in Butler County" gained several followers just from yesterday's tragic events.

"It went from 40 likes last night to 420 by this morning. So, we would invite everyone in Butler County to join with us. We're trying to get some community action out of this horrible tragedy."

Jaclyn and Zack weren't the only two who lost their lives from bullying.

According to community members, a third boy who was still in middle school took his own life within the last year.

We were unable to get his name.

A candlelight memorial is set-up in honor of Jaclyn for tomorrow night at the Butler County football field.

From what family members have told us, that memorial will be at 9 PM.

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