UPDATED: Updates on Condition of Brandon Bradshaw

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UPDATE: As of 3p.m. on Thursday, Pastor Greg Ferrell is going to pray for Brandon, he is asking for everyone to intercede for Brandon from 3-4 p.m.

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We have updates on the Condition of Brandon Bradshaw, the man shot by Warren County Court Security Officer Thomas Brown.

His pastor is telling us Bradshaw's family was told by doctors his heart stopped during the incident, and is not certain how long. His brain was not receiving oxygen at that time, The family was told his chances of leaving Vanderbilt are slim, but slightly possible. They are requesting prayers.

One friend of Bradshaw was at the hospital yesterday, and she says the mood was supportive and hopeful.

"I don't know all of these people that are here, but I can feel we all have one thing in common and we're all there for Brandon," said friend of Bradshaw Cati Sloan.

That feeling at the hospital is one she hopes will be felt tonight at an event she says all are welcome to join.

"Our biggest goal is to just show Brandon and his family, even though they're down there, and going through this horrific time now, we're back here at home and we support them," said Sloan.

Dublin's Irish Pub will open at 7p.m. for those who wish to write messages to the family, or donate to the Brandon Bradshaw Recovery Fund.

One of his theater students says this is a hard time for those Bradshaw influenced especially his students who gathered last night to send their own messages of support.

"We gathered somewhere and made cards for Brandon to hope he feels better, and also we did it for his wife Heidi," said theater student Cole Vaughan.

Vaughan says they've been working on a play and he wishes Bradshaw could be there to help.

"I'll probably still do the play, it just won't be the same without Brandon," said Vaughan.

We will keep you posted on any updates on the condition of Bradshaw, and those who wish to donate to the Brandon Bradshaw recovery fund can also contribute at any Bowling Green PNC Bank branch.

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