Comparing and Contrasting a Deputy Sheriff and a Court Security Officer

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Tommy Brown is a court security officer.

KRS 70.280 defines a court security officer's role.

"They all go to a 2-week training period in Richmond where they learn about protecting the people in the courtrooms making the facility safe and courtroom security," says Warren County Sheriff's Office Major Tommy Smith.

Peace officers, meaning police or sheriff deputies, are governed by different state statutes.

A peace officer is always on-call and if needed can perform duties out of uniform.

"A deputy sheriff patrol officer is required to attend the academy in Richmond for 18 weeks where they learn a variety of things," Major Smith says.

While in training they learn laws, statutes, defensive driving, firearm training, and after that the Warren County Sheriff's Office requires them to do an 8- week training period with an officer.

With that they are given the authority to arrest, to make traffic stops, issue a warrant, and the right to carry and use a firearm if needed.

Once a court security officer is out of uniform, they are a civilian.

"They are limited to the confines of where the court may or may not be held," Smith says.

Smith says several of the Warren County bailiffs are retired officers and have been through the required training.

Smith also says Brown is retired from BGMU and has received training as a bailiff only.

KSP says Brown was out of uniform when the shooting happened, but Smith says he did have the right to carry a gun.

"Tommy Brown does have a concealed carry permit yes, he does. If they have the permit and choose to carry a firearm then that's their right to do so," he says, "They go to the range with our officers and do our training here also."

Police hope to release more information as the investigation continues.

Brandon Bradshaw, 27, is still in Vanderbilt Hospital in critical condition.

A Brandon Bradshaw Recovery Fund has been set up at PNC Bank locations.

You can go to any PNC Bank to donate.

The family of Brandon Bradshaw is asking for thoughts and prayers during this time.

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