Complaints of Man Impersonating a Police Officer in Bowling Green

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Bowling Green Police received three complaints Sunday night of motorists being pulled over by someone impersonating a police officer.

No one was injured, but this could cause danger if it continues.

When this husband and wife were driving home around 9:40 Sunday night, they realized they were being followed closely by a dark green Ford Explorer.

"He kind of cornered us in, and turned blue lights on like Bowling Green Police Department, but I could tell it was too tall of a vehicle to be a police car, or at least a BG police car and so we kind of just sat in the car for a minute, and I rolled the window down a little bit and he shut his lights down and drove off real fast. It kind it clicked that this is weird," says one of the victims, "I know I wasn't speeding, I knew I was using my turn signal, we were pulling into our home. So, I was just processing what it could be in my mind. They were led panels; it was legit lights."

One hour later, another person was stopped on Southwood Ct.

Two men got out of the vehicle and told the woman she was speeding.

He went back to his car and drove off.

The last driver was stopped on Spring Creek Ave. minutes later.

"Due to the fact that it causes so much danger to everyone involved people believe that they are being stopped, and believe that they are being stopped by an officer, when in fact they are not. And we are not sure exactly why these people are stopping people. So, there's a lot of inherent danger," says Bowling Green Police Public Information Officer Ronnie Ward.

Police ask that you don't try to flee from someone driving behind your vehicle with blue lights on, because it is most likely an officer.

"Dial 911, and talk to the dispatcher and ask, 'Is one of your officers stopping me now?'. Turn the light on inside your vehicle and put your hazard lights on. That's going to alert the police officer or the person stopping you that says, 'I'm aware that you're behind me and trying to stop me,'" Officer Ward says.

If someone does pull you over in an unmarked car, police advise that you ask to see a badge and ID.

The two men are described as white males, appearing to be medium build in their early 30's, both wearing polo shirts and pants.

All three victims say the men were driving a dark green or black Ford Explorer with dark tinted windows.

If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at 781-CLUE.

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