Congressman Guthrie Hosts Glasgow Town Hall Meeting

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Several Barren County residents had the opportunity to voice their concerns tonight during a town hall meeting.

In the T.J. Samson Pavilion Community Center, area residents, city leaders, and officials gathered for the town hall meeting hosted by Congressman Brett Guthrie. The Congressman says this is just one of his many stops.

"We're going to every county, open ourselves up to any questions anybody wants to ask. Nothing is screened. I just show up, I give a two or three minute welcome, and just kind of open the floor and talk about what everybody wants to talk about," Congressman Guthrie said.

Tonight's questions for Guthrie ranged from the healthcare bill, to energy and coal production.

"You know, a lot of concern about our soldiers and things that are happening overseas, particularly even today, as we're hearing more and more about ISIS in Iraq," Guthrie said.

One Glasgow resident says he appreciates the opportunity to speak to the Congressman in person.

"I'd like to know why, or if, he favors raising the minimum wage. I know a lot of people working very hard jobs that don't make enough to survive on. I want to know how the farm bill is connected to their cutting of food stamps," Glasgow resident, Brian Pedigo, said.

Glasgow's Mayor, Rhonda Trautman, believes town hall meetings are beneficial to the elected officials, as well as to the general public.

"It is great when people do engage. We encourage people to come to our meetings, at the council meetings and others. So, it's nice to see a good turn out here tonight, and congratulations to Congressman Guthrie for having this group here," Mayor Trautman said.

The Congressman still has a busy schedule ahead of him, with 10 county visits down and 11 more to go.

Congressman Guthrie was also in Green County earlier today. He plans to visit Warren County on September 24th.

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