Congressman Guthrie Shares His New Bill With Manufacturers

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Congressman Brett Guthrie was in Bowling Green today to share his newly introduced legislation with local manufacturers.

It's what's known as the Rebuild Act of 2013. A bill Congressman Guthrie believes will help reduce employer burdens, with what he calls common sense solutions.

"What we want to have and what I'm proposing is a positive agenda for solutions for real problems and it's rebuilding manufacturing base in this country", says Guthrie.

The bill is made up of ten priorities to help better stimulate production. Guthrie says it doesn't take the entire bill being passed to be effective.

"There are a lot of different ideas put together in one package, and so I'd like to have hearings on this bill and start seeing if we can move pieces of the bill forward", says Guthrie.

One of the hot points highlighted in the bill is repealing the Health Care Law.

"The problem is, as people were getting individual policies canceled over the last few weeks, we've seen that. well the president delayed employers from having to comply with the healthcare bill for a year. Now when employers have to start to comply with the health care bill, you're going to see a lot of employees who have insurance get those cancellations as well" says Guthrie.

Along with plenty of question about health insurance, most manufacturers were interested in the education to help unskilled workers.

"The first initiative on his bill is to provide funding for education for the issue for the lack of skilled workers that we so desperately have here in this ten county region in manufacturing", said Christina Beliles with Daverte North America.

Guthrie says he hopes in the near future to have plenty of hearings to help move the bill forward. The congressman also says this bill hits close to home for him because he grew up watching his father become successful through working for the Ford Motor Company.