Conserving Salt for Roadways

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- Salt trucks are driving around town this week, plowing snow and trying to prevent hazardous road conditions. With the heavy salt usage, South Central Kentucky is now in "salt conservation mode."

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet officials say, there is a national salt shortage, causing delays in salt deliveries. Ninety thousand tons have been ordered and it's expected to be delivered in the upcoming weeks.

"So far this year, state wide, I think we've used over 400,000 tons of salt, compared to what I believe we usually use, 150,000 tons. That is total (state wide) so we certainly have used a lot more salt this winter. For example, with this winter storm here in our district, we've used around 5,000 tons," said Wes Watt, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Public Affairs.

The Mega-Caverns, in Louisville, houses emergency salt. If a particular district is unable to get salt from their supplier, this salt will be dispersed throughout the counties.

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