Constable Says Bradshaw Was Hard Working Official

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For Warren County Constable Gene Willett what happened yesterday to his good friend is still all a blur.

Willett's friend and former Constable Brandon Bradshaw was shot by Warren County Court Security Officer Thomas Brown.

"I just could not believe it all last evening. I was getting all kinds of phone calls. I couldn't believe it, and I still don't believe it this morning. It's inconceivable," said Constable Gene Willett.

Warren County Judge/Executive Mike Buchanon appointed Brandon Bradshaw to the office of Constable in April of 2012 to replace Charles Russell, who resigned because of legal problems.

Bradshaw ran for the seat last November, but lost Cedric Burnam.

"Brandon was a very likable good fellow, worked hard at being a Constable, tried harder than anybody I've known in all my years in the constable's office. He tried harder to be what he was supposed to be," said Willett.

The office of Constable has come under scrutiny recently for its lack of official training.

"The one thing I would say about Brandon, all the time he was a constable he was fighting to get formal training," said Willett.

When asked if this puts Constables in a bad light, this was Willett's response.

"No, Brandon was no longer a constable, and if it put a bad spin on anybody, it would have been the sheriff's office. I can't imagine any officer drawing their weapon and approaching a vehicle, and that's the way I understood it, that he was approaching Brandon's vehicle with his weapon drawn," said Willett.

Now, Kentucky State Police will continue to investigate the shooting.

KSP says Bradshaw remains in critical condition at Vanderbilt hospital.

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