Contaminated Steroid Injections Aren't in Bowling Green

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While meningitis has reached Kentucky, we can confirm no one has receive a contaminated injection in South Central Kentucky.

Interventional Pain Specialists say they did not receive any of the contaminated injections.

"Thank you for calling Interventional pain specialists of Bowling Green. If you are calling regarding the recent meningitis scare, please know that we do not, nor ever will use anything from the New England Compounding Center."

That's the recording you will hear when you call the Interventional Pain Specialists regarding the recent outbreak of meningitis.

Doctors for the clinic say they serve the needs of about 90 percent of South Central Kentucky.

When the clinic learned of the outbreak of a rare form of meningitis, they wanted to make it clear they only use pharmaceutical companies approved by the FDA.

"We immediately wanted to inform all of our patients that they were not at risk for this particular outbreak of meningitis," says Dr. Paul Malinger.

Compounding centers are pharmaceutical companies, which are not approved by the FDA.

"They are, unlike mainstream pharmaceutical companies, not FDA regulated, and are often regulated by state agencies," Dr. Malinger says.

The New England Compounding Center released several lots of contaminated steroid injections nationwide.

The injections were infected with fungal meningitis.

Symptoms include headaches, stiff neck, fever, nausea and vomiting, sensitivity to light and a change in mental status.

A few patients have visited the Medical Center with these symptoms.

"We've seen about a half a dozen cases in the last week to ten days. None have tested positive for meningitis. That was verified this morning by our infection control coordinator," says Bob Peglow, Director of Emergency Services for the Medical Center.

All of those patients came from Nashville's St. Thomas Outpatient Neurosurgery Center, which is now closed.

Tennessee has had 32 reported cases and three fatalities, which is more than any other state.

Fungal meningitis cannot be spread through human contact.

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