Contractor Donates Labor To Help Church Pay Bills

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When an area church's pastor had to take sick leave because of cancer, the church began to deteriorate, as did the house that generates the church's income.

A local contractor is now donating his time and efforts, to fix New Bethel Baptist Church.

"His HVAC had over run and the ceiling collapsed," says contractor, Rev. David Thomas, owner of Quickprint Cement.

Six weeks ago, the ceiling of New Bethel Baptist Church caved in from years of weather damage.

Built in 1884, it has become a piece of true Bowling Green history.

Rev. Earl J. Jackson has preached there for almost 50 years.

About a year ago, he had to take a sick leave because of his cancer.

"We are having economical financial problems because of the economy so right now we're down, way, way down," Rev. Jackson says.

But even before they can fix the church, a house that has been used to keep the church running must first get some attention.

"The renters here moved out, and cut the copper out of the house, and there was some windows broken," Rev. Jackson says.

"It's going to be fairly extensive and it would be a good house. It's worth saving," says Teddy Webb with the Bowling Green Building & Code Enforcement

Between the church and the property, there is currently about $20,000 in damage, not including labor.

That's when Rev. David Thomas stepped in to donate his construction services.

"We're trying our best to find the funding to try and get this house back into at state of the ability to rent it to the public," Rev. Thomas says.

Once the house is fixed and rented, he hopes the income will give them the necessary money to repair the church .

"Once that money begins to flow back into the church, then it will begin to flow back into the community."

David and his team have six months to complete the house project, and the only way to do that is with donations.

If not, the city will tear the house down.

If you would like to donate, you can contact New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in Bowling Green.

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