Conway Talks Pill Abuse; Run for Governor

Attorney General Jack Conway has been talking about the prescription pill battle for awhile because the numbers were not good.

Especially with the amount of hydrocodone in the state.

"220 million doses, folks we're a state of 4.3 million people, that's 51 doses of hydrocodone for every man, woman and child in this state. That's how much of the stuff is out there, that's the reason I was just over at Barren County High School trying to tell these 7th, 8th and 9th graders that it's on the streets and don't take it, because we've lost an entire generation and don't you be the next generation," said Attorney General Jack Conway.

In addition to Barren County High School, he also spoke at the Bowling Green Rotary Club and Warren East High School about prescription pill abuse, but he wasn't the only one there.

Mike Donta of Ashland spoke to the Warren East students about how drugs killed his son.

"You'll do whatever it takes, whatever it takes to get those drugs, because they control you," said Donta.

The state passed house bill one better known as the pill mill bill last year to combat prescription drug abuse.

Not everyone was in agreement over the bill, but it did pass and was later tweaked.

Conway said the bill has done a great job to help the problem.

"We have four times as many doctors using KASPER a year and a half later. We've shut down half of the states pain clinics, and for the first time in a long time the numbers on this epidemic are headed in the right direction, rather than the wrong direction," said Conway.

Conway's fight against prescription pill abuse as well as his ongoing battle against cyber criminals are certainly helping him build a platform to become the next Governor of Kentucky.

"I've said there's a good chance I'll run, and I think I sit in a strong position. I think I have a strong record of service as Attorney General that recommends me to stay in public service. My wife and I haven't decide yet. I think by the spring of next year people will start raising money for a potential Governor's race. For me, I have to undertake an assessment. One, do I think I can win? The polling numbers look good, I think there's a good chance I could, but more importantly if you win can you put together the type of administration that builds for Kentucky's future?" said Conway.

Other potential candidates being discussed for Governor include State Auditor Adam Edelen and Ag Commissioner James Comer.

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