Sinkhole Caused Estimated $1 Million in Damage to Corvettes

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Officials weren't sure if it was safe at first for us to go into the National Corvette Museum's sky dome, but they eventually determined it was.

What was waiting was this large sinkhole that engulfed eight Corvettes.

"The cars that were parked that fell into the sinkhole, they were insured. We had sinkhole insurance, if that's the correct way to say it. So, both from a structural standpoint and from a collection standpoint, we do have insurance," said National Corvette Museum Executive Director Wendell Strode.

"It's an isolated event, and I would say from a geological and karst landscape standpoint, this is not anything abnormal," said WKU Geo-science Professor Jason Polk.

While many are used to sinkholes in the area, this one claimed a more than 50-year-old Corvette and the one millionth Corvette.

Strode said he was told by a reliable source the price of the damage is significant.

"I have not confirmed this with anyone on our staff, but someone shared with me they thought the value was around $1 million, the eight cars," said Strode.

Officials aren't certain if the sinkhole will spread.

"I can't say for sure. It's been stable. We haven't seen any other activity or movement since this morning. So, it seems like the majority of the collapse has taken place, so what happens from here, it will take assessment, monitoring and really just being cautious," said Polk.

While there are cars in the sinkhole and lots of damage to repair, thankfully no one was hurt in the incident.

Officials say they don't know what caused this sinkhole to cave in and swallow up eight cars.

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