National Corvette Homecoming Road Tour

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Bowling Green, Ky --It's that time of year again, when hundreds of Corvettes take over Bowling Green for the National Corvette Homecoming.

The Corvette enthusiasts at this weekend's event don't call this a homecoming for nothing.

"They feel like family. They come back each year to see each other. It's just one of those things where you buy the car. You go to a show someplace. You meet nice people, and you go back the following tear to see those same people again," said National Corvette Homecoming Owner Jim Pruitt.

One of those people has been coming back for years, and has seen the event grow.

"I was here when Joe first took over the show ten or twelve years ago, and the improvements he's made since that first show to today is just unbelievable because it has really grown and people seem to be having a good time. Now that I've moved back to Nashville, he's recruited me to help him out a little bit today so I volunteered," said Corvette Homecoming attendee and volunteer Jim Primm.

Speaking of growth, you may remember seeing dozens of Corvettes role through the city a couple years ago.

"We used to do a little parade and that developed from ten or fifteen cars to 50 or 60, and the local police department said, you know guys, you're really messing up our traffic on Friday night in Bowling Green, is there any way we can do something about that? We decided maybe it would be better if we took them out to the countryside to let them experience all the beautiful countryside we have here, so last year we started what we call the road tour," said National Corvette Homecoming Assistant Coordinator Joe Vandoran.

A hundred Corvettes participated today and finished their tour at the National Corvette Museum where they unveiled the new Corvette Homecoming brick, and Pruitt says there are more surprises to come tomorrow.

"We have a million dollar corvette coming in tomorrow at about ten o'clock. I'm not sure what it is, but it's coming in a trailer," said Pruitt.
Vandoran says the new C7 Stingray will also be on display. The Corvette Homecoming festivities will continue tomorrow at the Sloan Convention Center with Corvettes on display and vendors. For more information on the homecoming schedule, see the link below.

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