Corvette Reveals Plan To Remove Cars From Sinkhole

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Construction is well underway at the National Corvette Museum. Red tape is being put up; extra support is being added to the structure; and side panels are being taken out of the wall to make room for a crane. That crane has the big task of pulling the cars out of the sinkhole.

Geologists with WKU have been on the scene since the room first collapsed and said since that time, things in the sky dome have remained relatively calm opening up the door for construction.

"It looks pretty stable. We haven't seen any major movement where the cars are at. There's obviously some type of potential for some other type of cave or passage under there that it could move into," said WKU Geologist, Jason Polk.

Just to be safe holes are being cut into the floor and filled with concrete at key points to provide extra support for the spire that sits in the middle of the room. Once that's done a crane will be lowered into the area where pieces of wall have been taken out. Not only will someone be operating the crane, someone will also be attached to the end of the line to hook up the cars.

"We will have vehicle recovery people that know all of the lifting points and devices to use in the rigging to lift it out properly without causing anymore damage," said Scott, Murphy, & Daniel CEO, Mike Murphy.

The plan is for the wheels to be removed and replaced by bolts that attach the car to the crane for safe removal.

Construction officials add the first two Corvettes that fell inside the hole still haven't been seen. They know they're down there. They're just not sure if they're buried in soil or if they're sitting on rock. It adds a wrinkle to an already difficult excavation process.

The entire recovery is expected to take two weeks.

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