Corvette Plant Reveals Plans

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In late 2008, it hit rock bottom.

The devastating economic crisis, forced the "number one car-maker in the world" into bankruptcy.

Now General Motors has reclaimed its top-selling title.

Officials at Bowling Green's Corvette Plant say they're looking forward to even better days ahead.

"I was happy, excited, so was my family, with these jobs here you're able to provide a good living for your family," says Todd Largent.

After nearly 3 and a half years of being laid off, Todd Largent can finally put his hands back to work on these American sport's cars.

"It was bad, real bad," says Largent.

Largent and everyone else who had recall rights to the Corvette Plant is back from the vicious lay-offs, just in time for the factory's newest expansion.

"What we see behind us is the signs of progress, this area of the plant this is where we used to build the Cadillac XLR with the Bowling Green assembly, and as you know we went out of production in April of 2009, we're able to re-use this space now for a new body shop with the next generation Corvette," says Plant manager Dave Tatman.

Plant manager Dave Tatman says all the old and un-used XLR equipment has been cleared out of this space.

This area will soon house a body shop for the brand-new "next generation" Corvette, which will make its appearance after the 2013 corvette and will be the current generation's last model year.

Tatam says the expansion will bring in around 120 jobs in 2012 alone, with GM employees transferring from plants all over the country to work at the plant.

"Most all our employees will be coming from other UAW and GM sites, so while its not new jobs for people here in Bowling Green, its people who are going to be moving to Bowling Green and buying our homes and shopping in our stores and eating at our restaurants," says Tatman.

And Largent has just a few words in response to the new plans.

"Everybody is happy, where else can you build the best car in the world?," says Largent.

The plant will actually close its doors to public tours on September 14Th to help construction move along as quickly as possible and there is not yet a set date to re-start the tours.