"Country Music Stars & Cars" At The National Corvette Museum

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Some "Under the Hood" star power has made its way to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green.

The exhibit "Country Music Stars and Cars" opened Tuesday. It features 11 different Chevy vehicles owned by various country music celebrities like Tim McGraw and Brad Paisley.

It was all brought to the museum thanks to a founding members country connections.

"A founding member of the Corvette Museum is Lon Helton and those who listen to country music probably hear him on the "Country Music USA Countdown." Lon has been a great friend to work on this. He has a lot of connections within the country music industry," says Marketing and Communications Manager Katie Frassinelli.

The museum plans to build a small stage at the exhibit so up and coming country bands can play music for tips.

The exhibit is open through January 18.

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