County And City Schools Hope To Discuss Student Funding Soon

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Bowling Green Superintendent Joe Tinius says he expected a change in the amount of county students allowed to attend city schools, but he thought it only drop by 100. That is the amount of students who are children of city school employees.

"There was never any indication that they were going to go lower than that number," says Tinius.

Last Thursday the Warren County School Board voted that 86 more county students couldn't attend city schools with state funding. Less money and less students already has Bowling Green thinking of changes.

"The impact right now appears to be that we will lose somewhere between four and five teaching positions with the loss of those students," says Tinius.

Even more students could go. Parents who have older children already in city schools may pull them out to attend county schools with their younger siblings.

"Moving from one school to another school can be a challenging situation sometimes so there is obviously that potential and there would be a period of adjustment," says Tinius.

But Warren County Schools argues anyone is still allowed to attend any district they want.

"It's up to the city schools who they accept into their system. We have no control over who they are going to accept in, who they won't accept in," says Pat Stewart, Director of Student Services.

They may be accepted in but city schools won't receive the needed funding for each student. The county says the new cap on the amount of students is an economic decision by the board.

"That's what they've decided and it's our job now to implement that policy," says Stewart.

Both sides say they hope to discuss the situation within the next week.

Bowling Green City Schools says if they do accept more county students into their school, the funding would go to no one. It would stay at the Department of Education in Frankfort.

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