County Schools Voted to Lower Number of County Students Going to City Schools

The Warren County School Board recently voted to lower the number of students who can go to Bowling Green city schools with state funding.

"Based on the number that they will allow to come to Warren County to the city schools and the state SEEK funding accompanying those students, we'll likely not allow us to bring in any new students next year and that obviously impacts staffing," said Bowling Green Superintendent Joe Tinius.

Warren County officials say the agreement originally allowed for about 850 county students to go to city schools, but now only about 664 will be able to go.

That 664 does not include another 100 who are the children of Bowling Green district employees and are protected under a new state law.

Warren County School Board Chairman Kerry Young says this is an economic decision.

"As Warren County continues to grow and our funding continues to be decreased that becomes a problem. We're seeking funding to stay in our district that we're passing away," said Young.

Young says this is not about stopping kids from going to a city school.

"Well a misnomer I think that is out there is that we're going to keep kids from going to Bowling Green. Warren County Schools has no jurisdiction over the Bowling Green Independent school system. The vote last Thursday night only affects the amount of funding that would be allowed to go to the Bowling Green school district, only Bowling Green school district officials can say who does and who does not go to their school system," said Young.

Tinius wants to get together soon to talk about this issue.

"Hopefully sometime in the near future we can have some additional conversations with the administrators of warren county to see where maybe we can move going forward," said Tinius.

However, as of right now the decision is final.

Last year Bowling Green actually allowed about 100 more students above the cap mark that they didn't get money from the state for those students.

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