Couple Wins Zoning Violation Appeal about Tree Business

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Ben and Tina Lamb live on Greenhill Road in Warren County, and they're having to defend that's where they live, not run a business.

They were fined in November for a zoning violation that Ben Lamb's tree trimming business was operating there.

"No proof of any violation here, and all the pictures you were shown, like I said at the beginning I honestly don't think you would have cited us had you had the facts before they cited," said Tina Lamb.

Tonight, the Warren County Code Enforcement amended there previous ruling and said it wasn't a zoning violation, but not before they heard evidence from the investigating code enforcement officer.

"I feel like after going out there yesterday. I felt like they've cleaned up. There wasn't all that equipment that had been seen previously, and I was just proud of the fact, it looked that good," said Sandy Clark, Code Enforcement Officer.

"We've done everything the zoning commission has asked us to do, and I feel strongly since we got in compliance last year, we've maintained that to the best of our ability," said Tina Lamb.

This all began about a year ago, when the Lambs didn't get a zoning permit because of neighbor disapproval, so they had to clean-up the area.

Some neighbors were upset because they thought they were still operating, and now wished there had been better communication between everyone involved including the board.

"They were to e-mail us so we could tell all the neighbors that there would be trucks, there would be equipment during this clean-up."

If the Lambs did not win their appeal tonight, they were looking at a 200 hundred dollar a day fine amounting to several thousand dollars.

Ben Lamb now operates the Tree Man business, and says all of his equipment is not at his home but at another location.

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