Cousin Of Emmett Till Speaks In Bowling Green

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The celebration of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday in Bowling Green didn't stop with just a march.

It was standing room only at the State Street Baptist Church for speaker Dorothy Parker Jarrett.

Jarrett is the cousin of Emmett Till.

Till was brutally murdered in 1955 after he spoke to a married white woman.

Jarrett says America has come a long way since those days and MLK day is a day everyone should stop and reflect.

"It is all coming together for a purpose and so I hope that we all do seize the moment and move forward and stay the course so that we can become the nation that we really are and supposed to be, " says Jarrett.

Jarrett also touched on the importance of education in her speech as she is a middle school principal in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

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