Crescent Bowl Closes It's Doors April 26th

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- After fifty-four years of service in Bowling Green, Crescent Bowl is turning off their lanes for the last time, Saturday, April 26.

The Bowling Alley's manager says the decision has been in the works since before Christmas.

"It's not really a financial decision. The owners are ready to retire," said Lisa Miller, Crescent Bowl Manager.

The Bowling Alley has continued it's leagues up until this point. As of now, workers are starting to let important pieces go.

"We're selling off the bowling pins, that is a popular item right now. Along with the table, chairs, the house balls, shoes. So, anything that is not attached to the building is going to be sold off," said Lisa Miller, Crescent Bowl Manager.

Crescent Bowl's last day for business is tomorrow.

"We're going to miss a lot of our bowlers because they are friends and they are family. We see them all the time, so it's going to be sad. But, it's also an end to an era," said Lisa Miller, Crescent Bowl Manager.

Graves Gilbert Clinic has already purchased the property and plans to build a brand new facility, on Nashville Road,” said Lisa Miller, Crescent Bowl Manager.

Graves Gilbert's CEO, says they have been planning this business move for a while.

"Probably about a year or a little over a year, I would have to check my notes. They (Crescent Bowl) wanted to be able to run through the winter season with their leagues and we said that was fine," said Chris Thorn, Graves Gilbert CEO.

The CEO says they are excited to provide a more convenient primary care facility.

"That would be pediatrics, family practice, internal medicine, maybe some OBGYN. We're also looking at dentistry, all sorts of things. We're even looking at optometry," said Chris Thorn, Graves Gilbert CEO.

Graves Gilbert has not decided on an official start date for construction.

The CEO says the company wants to hire all local builders and developers.

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