As Building Boom Continues, More Dump Sites Discovered

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Old brick, appliances and even a frame to a truck were all uncovered at a lot near the Ivan Downs subdivision. While it may be appalling to see trash in the ground, years ago many were unaware of the consequences.

"It wasn't uncommon 30 or 40 years ago for someone to knock a house down and actually bury it on site. A lot of people would just let one fall down and push it up and burn it. Or course that is not the thing to do anymore," says Environmental Coordinator Stan Reagan

Plenty of manpower and machinery were brought in to clear debris. Enough debris was found to fill a dumpster.

The initiative is part of the Warren County Clean-Up. Reagan says each site brings a new challenge.

"When we got to looking at the sinkhole we found other sinkholes that had other debris in them and we had a larger pile that actually had trash from 1978 in it," says Reagan.

Just a few years ago the lot being cleaned off Elrod Road was all farm land, but officials say as the building boom continues more and more dump sites similar to that are being uncovered.

"I looked just yesterday and we have 48 projects on our books to be worked on this summer with more coming in everyday," says Robert Elrod from the Warren County Stormwater Management Office.

Tuesday's project was clearing the lot to make way for a water basin.

"It's to prevent flooding. A basin in designed to take water and we want to try and keep the basin open to where it does indeed take water into the ground to the ground water system," says Elrod.

The Warren County Stormwater Management Office says water basins are required at sub-divisions. The removal of trash and debris on Tuesday will ensure clean water for the future.

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