Crews Preparing To Vacuum Sinkhole At Corvette Museum

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Progress is continuing at the National Corvette Museum. As of Tuesday morning, they were still looking for the cars in the sinkhole.

The past few days, construction crews have been removing the concrete left overhanging the sinkhole. That process has made the hole bigger in size around the top but it's all for a purpose. Crews plan to start focusing on the inside of the hole the next few days to hopefully find the three cars that have not been seen for weeks.

"Tomorrow (Wednesday) they're planning on using a special vacuum to start removing some of the dirt from the sinkhole. Basically, where the dirt on the sides of the walls has accumulated they're going to start taking that out. Hopefully, they'll see the two cars that have yet to be found," said National Corvette Museum Communications Director, Katie Frassinelli.

Construction officials said despite the success so far, they're still anxious when it comes to getting the remaining cars out.

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