Update: Officials Have Identified Missing Woman in Barren River

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WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Warren County Rescue Department was called to the Green Castle community after dispatchers say a boat capsized in the currents.

Family members say a man and woman were dropped off by a friend to spend the day on the water.
The friend tells family he received a phone call to pick the boaters back up and upon arrival, Warren County Rescue Department was already working the water.

Witnesses tell officials the boat was initially on the other side of this dam. They say the boat floated too close to the drop off and the rapid currents flipped it into the water.

Witnesses say the man was able to swim to shore by using a nylon tackle box to stay afloat. When rescued from the shore, medical officials took 47-year-old Robert Lindsey to the hospital. The woman, 39-year-old Melissa Trent, is still missing.

Crews are using special equipment, such as a sonar camera, to take pictures under the water. So far, they have not had any luck.

"The issue we have with rapid waters, such as this, is that it kind of blurs our pictures to the point where we can't really see what it is," said Deborah Williams, Warren County Rescue Department's Public Information Officer.

Warren County Rescue Department has rallied volunteers from at least five other counties to assist in this search.

"What we're bringing in is personnel and boats to do dragging operations. This is to go over the river to do the dragging for the person that is missing,” said Gary Fancher, Kentucky Emergency Management's Regional Response Manager.

Fish and Wildlife has pulled the damaged boat to shore, that carried the passengers.

"That was one of our first things to do. When you have something floating around in there, it can hurt our people, so we wanted to get it stable,” said Deborah Williams, Warren County Rescue Department's Public Information Officer.

The Warren County Sheriff's Department has confirmed Lindsey, the known survivor, was released from the hospital this morning and arrested for two unrelated warrants.

Officials say they will continue searching until this Melissa Trent is found.

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