Crime Stoppers: Hobby Lobby Shoplifting

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Police were called to a report of shoplifters at Hobby Lobby just after 12 noon on November 3.

Employees say two men entered the store, filled two shopping carts. and exited without paying for the merchandise. Estimated valued of the stolen merchandise is more than $500.00.

One man is described as a white male with longer blonde/brown hair and a medium build. The other man is described as a white male with short dark hair and glasses.

If you have any information about this or any crime, please call South Central Kentucky Crime Stoppers at 781-CLUE, toll free at 866-842-CLUE, or click here to go to their web site.

Crime Stoppers only wants your information, not your name. Their telephone lines are not recorded and they don't use caller ID or *69.

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