Crime Stoppers: "Rugged Wearhouse" Burglary

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Police say on Wednesday, November 7, a cleaning crew was working in the Rugged Wearhouse at 2714 Scottsville Road, when a man entered the business. Officers say the alarm company notified authorities of the exterior alarm being activated.

Video surveillance footage shows a man had entered the business through a back door. Once inside, the would-be thief realized the cleaning crew was in the building, and ran out the back door.

The video shows a white male dressed in all black, wearing gloves.

If you have any information about this or any crime, please call South Central Kentucky Crime Stoppers at 781-CLUE, toll free at 866-842-CLUE, or click here to go to their web site.

Crime Stoppers only wants your information, not your name. Their telephone lines are not recorded and they don't use caller ID or *69.

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