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You're probably used to hearing that voice and music every Wednesday, but you may not know with your help, Crime Stoppers has aided area law enforcement in solving crimes and arresting more than 650 people since the late 90s, and they say any tip will help.

"Even if we already know that information, it just confirms it for us. Sometimes there will be different information in there, such as a color of a car... what a person was wearing... things like that will help us strengthen a case too," said Bowling Green Police Officer Ronnie Ward.

Even if you have a tip about a crime that hasn't been reported, Ward says those can help police become aware of crimes too.
He also says the Crime Stoppers program is so effective because it keeps you safe by ensuring you always remain anonymous.

"So it's completely anonymous. We don't know who you are... we don't want to know who you are," said Ward.

When you send your tips, you get an identification number or fake name that cannot be tracked, not even by police. They use that name to identify you when you pick up your reward from a third party bank.

"It's important to us to protect you and to protect your identity. Because we know if we can't protect your identity then we're not going to get information to help solve crimes, and that protects the public in general," said Ward.

There is a new texting app that now allows you to send a text to 274-637, which spells crimes. Then type in the message, "SCKY+(your tip)."
If you ever want to stop texting tips, just text "STOP."
Ward says they began using the texting system this month, and hope it adds an even easier way to help.

Crime Stoppers has paid over $92,000 in rewards to date, and aside from the new texting system, you can always call Crime Stoppers at 781-CLUE or go to the Crime Stoppers story on our web channel by going to the community tab, and clicking on Crime Stoppers.

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