Curb Painting Program Not Authorized by City of Bowling Green

Row of brightly painted houses

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -- A curb painting service being promoted by fliers in Bowling Green neighborhoods is not authorized or endorsed by the City of Bowling Green.

Residents in Cumberland Ridge and Fieldstone Farms subdivisions may have already seen fliers advertising a $25 "Neighborhood Address Program" which claims to be endorsed by "CRIMEWATCH America".

The City of Bowling Green cautions residents that the advertised service to paint house numbers on the curbs is likely being promoted by a transient business which is not licensed by the City of Bowling Green and not authorized to paint curbing maintained by Bowling Green's Public Works Department.

Further, while the City of Bowling Green has participated in programs with the National Crime Prevention Council, National Association of Town Watch, National Sheriff's Association, and other nationwide crime prevention initiatives, it cannot confirm the validity of a "Crimewatch America" as noted on the flier being circulated in Bowling Green.

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