Curbside Community Church Inspires Underprivileged Children

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For Sheldon's Pharmacy owner Terri Sheldon, helping kids has always been a passion.

It was an ice cream truck purchase about three years ago that changed her life forever, allowing her to pursue her dreams.

Early in life, money was an issue to truly influence kids the way she wanted to.

Until one day, the idea just came to her.

"I was going down the bypass and saw an ice cream truck and thought, 'Oh jeez, there you go, if I can get into these communities with ice cream and befriend people that I've never known before, then it would just open the door for me,'" Sheldon says.

Her dream became Curbside Community Church, an ice cream and recreation van that stops in underprivileged neighborhoods three times a week.

And most importantly, the volunteers offer these kids attention.

"We just engage them in beads or bubbles or Play-dough or finger nail polish, paint their fingernails. It's very easy," she says.

Sheldon says most of the kids they have come to know speak little to no English.

"I've learned to be grateful, and I definitely know my blessings now. And I know how much a simple ice cream can mean to them. Even if it's bad circumstances, you can still have joy," says Curbside volunteer Abby Harnack.

Volunteer Chris Carothers changed his life and went into the ministry, hoping kids will learn from his mistakes.

"These kids either go to Warren Elementary or Moss (Middle School), and our main thing is to show them some love," Carothers says.

12-year-old Kaleah Brooks was one of many kids Carothers helped.

'Before, my life was going downhill. I didn't care about my grades or nothing like that. Now, I've finally realized that my life needs to be brought up," she says, "It's like they deserve a thank you, like a really big thank you for doing all of this for us."

"It's about giving, first is yourself. We give our clothes, we give our food, we give our time," Carothers says.

Curbside has become a weekly event these kids truly look forward to.

Curbside Community Church has been an out-of-pocket expense for the Sheldon's, but Terri adds, the ice cream has been donated from the start.

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